We’ve all felt sad at one point or another but depression is when the sadness is so extreme that it alters daily activities. Depression is a mental illness because it causes one to view the world pessimistically. These people often feel hopeless and lose all self-motivation.

The reason this mental disorder is an internal conflict is because it causes people to question there existence. They are constantly trying to find their purpose and have ill-natured thoughts such as self-inflicted pain and/or suicide.

Realistically, every internal thought is a conflict. Decisions are made through our internal conflict. Mental disorders harm our natural, healthy thoughts and can cause abnormal amounts of stress.


About mollyhalter

I am currently an Accounting major at Park University. However, after this semester, I am most likely going to double-major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I am very interested in forensic psychology which is why the topic of my blog is "Internal Conflict: Mental Disorders."
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