Is Anorexia a Mental Illness?

Anorexia is defined as an eating disorder in which one starves themselves and refuses to maintain a healthy body weight. In most cases, anorexics, in addition to their starvation, over-exercise at vigorous levels. This is considered to be a mental illness because anorexics have created a delusional idea whether they are aware of it or not. Most people, women specifically, believe themselves to be too heavy and have a high fear of gaining weight, subsequentlly deriving a poor self-body image. Another reason anorexia is developed is due to the individuals who feel as if their body is the only thing they can control. These people have created their own mental disorders because they have become obsessive over their weight and exercise. They have either developed such a poor image for themselves or have become too addicted to commanding their bodies that they can’t recognize health concerns. Anorexics have now given themselves the disability to process another’s thoughts or logic about their physical image and the dangers of starvation and over-exercise. These people continue to persuade themselves that they are “too fat” or that they have to be demanding to their bodies even if they’re false. Anorexia is an internal conflict because it is a competitive idea with one’s self that threatens their lives. When an individual becomes anorexic, something has gone chemically wrong in their mind that has evolved a mental illness which is incredibly dangerous.


About mollyhalter

I am currently an Accounting major at Park University. However, after this semester, I am most likely going to double-major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I am very interested in forensic psychology which is why the topic of my blog is "Internal Conflict: Mental Disorders."
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2 Responses to Is Anorexia a Mental Illness?

  1. Hannah says:

    I never really looked at anorexia in this light.
    I agree with you in your argument, though. Anorexia is more than just a teenage girl who thinks she needs to drop a few pounds. It’s a person who has a distorted body image and is willing to do anything–risk even their life–in order to accept themselves.

  2. I guess the prevailing public understanding is that anorexia is driven by popular culture, fashion, and imagery that presents the “ideal” in terms of what a woman, or even a man, should look like. From what you write, it certainly appears to have deeper roots. I wonder how much the general public really understads in terms of this as a mental disorder?/kc

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